About Us

Who Are We?

People Source International, is a BPO (business processing outsourcing) organization that works with the objective of providing small and medium size businesses with with services that bring our clients results. People Source International concentrates on high-quality service for, that are custom-designed to deliver the results that are clients need. We are a US based company that owns, and operates multiple offices internationally giving our clients the flexibility and value for exact the services that they need.

What Do We Do?

People Source International understands the market competition and provides the small business with a great chance to compete in the market by offering outsourcing. With the services of People Source International, a small business can attain the workforce diversity and competency, which is required to survive in the global market.

What We Offer?

People Source International offers services for the core processes of the business, which you can outsource, and direct all your attention to matters of strategic importance. People Source Offers value driven services, and the competent labor force of our Company is the best you can find in the market. The services we offer include:

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Outbound Call Centers
  • Data Entry Services
  • Web Design and Development Services
  • Social Media Optimization

With People Source International, you always have a guarantee that your money is well spent. We believe in building a healthy relationship with our clients. So, don’t wait, we are just a call away!

People Source International is an all-in-one small to medium scale business solution provider. The mission of People Source International is to help small and medium scale businesses to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness by providing them value driven services. People Source International offers almost all the major services that a small business can ask for business expansion and market penetration.


There are certain attributes that make People Source International stand out from all other outsourcing services providers in the market. People Source International is not just an ordinary outsourcing service provider; rather we cross the traditional realm of outsourcing and give a new shape and connotations to the phenomena of outsourcing.

  • The first feature that makes People Source International standout is the provision of value driven services. People Source International provides not only cost effective services; rather the services come with a quality that is unmatchable anywhere else in the market.
  • People Source International believes in working with its partners and clients. We don’t just offer services like a third party outsourcing company, rather we rigorously participate and collaborate with our clients assisting them in business expansion.
  • We help small business grow and survive the competition. Our services like virtual assistant are specially designed for the need of small business owners.
  • Small businesses look for innovative solutions, which People Source International provides them. Our website design and development service offer the most innovative solutions to the client.
  • People Source International has the cutting edge technology. Therefore, if you avail our outsourced call center services you must remain sure of the latest technology being used in our call centers.
  • All our data facilities are in US therefore the client needs not to worry about any kind of data loss or theft.
  • Above all, once a business is with People Source International, it is assured of optimum quality of service, which supersedes all other service providers in the market.

People Source International is the best all-in-one solution provider a small business owner wants. We offer quality services, cheaper rates, and timely delivery of projects so that the business prospers and beats the competition. These services are available under one roof.